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Whether you find yourself struggling with extremely challenging relationships, dealing with known codependency issues, or yearning for a deeper connection with yourself, this book offers creative possibilities and encouragement for when your journey towards wholeness seems elusive.

You will find encouragement to step up to the challenge to properly love and care for your self.

Codependent Yogi, author Stephanie Pappas, offers us her candid, thought-provoking, and eclectic perspectives on codependency and relationships from the standpoint of a humbled, yet experienced yoga practitioner and teacher.

Presented in short “chapterettes,” Stephanie weaves together her personal insights and experiences with wisdom from the Buddhist, yogic and other traditions to give you new ideas to embrace your emotions, calm your mental chatter, and honor your soul.

Stephanie Pappas’s search for self-awareness and inner peace led her to 25 years of intensive yoga study and practice, meditation, and silent retreats with many masters from the East and West, but still she found intimate relationships particularly challenging, and found that she needed more ways to understand her core wounds when they got triggered.

For Stephanie, the understanding of codependent patterns and trauma was the beginning of her own healing process. “Codependency” is a term that psychologists use to describe a set of personality characteristics that most of us develop while growing up with emotionally unstable, addicted, or mentally ill family members. Codependency can distort our sense of self-esteem, exaggerate our need for approval, stifle our enjoyment of life, and lead us to obsess over our relationships.

Let Stephanie’s bright spirit and authentic style, inspire and remind you of your own potential to heal your relationships from the inside out—again and again...


About the author:
Stephanie Pappas

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